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User: vanfood
Date: 10/28/2003 11:27 am
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As you know, UsMoms Community Projects provides free food boxes of highly nutritious
food to deserving single parent families every week. These families are working very
hard on their programs to become self-reliant. Our current membership is at 304
families, which adds up to 304 adults and  973 children that rely on this food to
get through a week. All of these families desperately need this food to be able to

We get most of our fresh produce from local farms. These farms have been flooded .
As you have seen on the TV news these farms are under water and the rain continues
to come down. There will be no produce picked until the water recedes. And then we
may find out most of the crops have been destroyed. Much of the produce is already
rotting. We could end up without enough produce for months ahead. We may have to
wait until the food is coming from the greenhouses in January.

We URGENTLY need your help. We need to raise enough money to purchase other produce
from the international wholesalers to replace this locally grown food. Please
respond as quickly as possible ! We need thousands of dollars to feed these people.

Thank you so much for your help. Please send a cheque to:

            UsMoms Community Projects

            8179 Osler Street

            Vancouver, BC

            V6P 4E3

Or call to have the money picked up by a member of our Board of Directors at:

            604 261-2282  ask for Katie or Karen