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How can I copy a page?

User: Admin
Date: 8/24/2003 10:56 am
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Unlike Wobjects the edit bar on the top of each page does not contain a copy option.  However if you are a package manager you can cut the page and then insert the page as a package:

  1. Cut the page you wish to copy. [NOTE:  If the page you wish to copy is at the root of the Loction trail you will not be able to paste it back there.]
  2. Hilight "Manage packages" in the drop down menu under Administrative Functions and add a page called, e.g., "Copied page package".
  3. Paste the page you cut from the clipboard as a sub page to "Copied page package"
  4. Go to the location you wish to paste the page and in the Add content drop down menu select "package."
  5. Choose the package labelled "Copied page package"
  6. Return to the page where you originally cut the page and repeat steps 4 and 5.