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How do I add metatags to my site?

User: Admin
Date: 8/24/2003 10:56 am
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Edit the page settings [top gold bar].  Under the Page Properties tab you will see a section for Meta Tags [not certain if they work]. 

Otherwise you can enter your tags directly in the Style by clicking on the Layout Tab and then Manage Styles.  A list of styles will appear.  Edit the style used on the page.  Enter the Meta Tags in the Style Sheet section below the Body section.

add e.g.:

<meta name="Description"  content="Vancouver Community Network and Urban Community Access Program are working together to provide public Internet access sites in urban communities in the Lower Mainland, BC, Canada region">

<meta name="Keywords" content="Community Access Program,Vancouver Community Network,Industry Canada,Connecting Canadians,VolNet,Innovation Strategy,public access,public terminal,access,volunteer,CAP">

<title>Community Access Program &amp; Vancouver Community Network</title>