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How do I manage groups and users?

User: Admin
Date: 8/24/2003 10:56 am
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How to add a user to a WebGUI site


As an Admin you have the privileges to add users and groups to the WebGUI site.  There are a number of considerations when creating users and assigning them to particular groups.


Do you want a user to have the ability to add content to a particular page?  If so then you must make this user a member of the Content Developers group.  Then you can either:

(a) make this person the owner of the page or (b) you can assign this person to a particular group and give the group editing privileges over the page [See Privileges Tab in How to Add a Page].


Another option is to add a user to a group, which will not be given editing privileges over a page.  This is useful when you have a page that is to be private and viewed only by a select group of users and/or this group is to participate in a poll, or message board for example. 


Create a Group


Under “Administrative Functions” [top right corner of the page] highlight “Manage groups.”  Then click on ‘Add a new group’ [listed to the right of the list of groups] and enter a group name and a brief description.  Click save and the new group name and description should appear in the list of groups.


Add a new user


Under “Administrative Functions” {top right corner of the page] highlight “Manage users.”  Then click on ‘Add a new user’ and enter a user name, email address (if known, otherwise the user can fill this in afterwards) and a password.  Highlight the groups that you want the user to be in by holding down the control key and selecting the various groups.  Click save and the new user will appear on an Edit User page. 


By default this user is at the Adept level.  This means that they will not be able to change the privileges over the Wobjects they create such as who can view and edit pages and, also, which group can post to message boards.  This might be useful if you want information to remain accessible only to a select group.  If you want this user to be able to set privileges you must increase the user level.


How to increase the user level


In the right of the Edit User page click on Edit this user’s profile.  Scroll down the screen and near the bottom there will be a UI Level section.  Change this section from 5 Adept to 10 Guru, click save and that user will have a higher level of privileges.