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CLN's projects at Ray-Cam Cooperative Community Centre - Goals and impact

What follows is a list of projects CLN has been working on at Ray-Cam Cooperative Community Centre Centre. For the projects below we have listed participants' responses to questions listed on our main community page.

Resources and Support for VCN

Vision Statement & Commitment

Project Initiatives

Importance of Internet Access

Food Distribution Program

Moresports Program

Vision Statement & Commitment

VISION: Our vision is a centre generated and driven by the strengths and gifts of the community members through their contributions and participation. A centre with a diverse team of staff, volunteers and strong working committees comprised of area staff and residents. A centre in which there is teamwork and communication, and in which services and programs are culturally sensitive and tailored to the community's needs.

COMMITMENT: Ray-cam has made a commitment to helping make technology available to the community. This commitment is based on the knowledge that computer literacy is rapidly becoming an important social and job-related skill, and that lack of access threatens to further marginalize people in the community.

Ray-Cam further recognizes the potential for computer-based projects as tools for self-expression, community development, literacy building, and language training.

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Technology-Related Project Initiatives

PROJECT INITIATIVES: To date, Ray-cam has initiated and participated in several technology related projects:

  1. The computer restoration program: This project solicited, repaired and re-distributed used computers to families in the community.
  2. Computer training for students in the Food Distribution and Childcare training program.
  3. Computer access for pre-school and & daycare aged
  4. A website learning project for teenagers
  5. A website learning project for adult learners
  6. A drop-in computer program for mothers and toddlers (now discontinued)
  7. Drop-in programs for children 6 - 12 years old.
  8. Resume and cover letter workshops for teenagers
  9. Computer-based phonics/literacy training for kids
    and adults
  10. Creation (through a youth work experience program) of several websites of community interest:
    -, Community
    - Alert Team

We are confident that the impact of these projects on the community is positive, and the demand for new services continues to exceed our current resources.

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Importance of Internet Access

Access to the internet is an issue for our members. Many do not have computers in their home, and cannot get them due to both financial and security concerns. Internet access allows our members to:

  1. Access family and friends through the country and the world
  2. Facilitate job searches
  3. Facilitate internet based
    research such as land claims, residential school issues, health issues, immigration issues etc

  4. Research program activities for the centre
  5. Publicize and document the work of projects in the community.
  6. Do school & self-paced educational work

Perhaps most importantly, the ability to access and use the internet gives our members a sense of
participation in an increasingly technology-centred world.

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Food Distribution Training Program

VISION: This is a program designed to use community assets, capacity and resources to close identifiable gaps in the area of reclaimed food preparation and distribution.

GOALS: There are three levels to the program each divided into the following sections: food distribution training modules, life skills training modules and employment skills training modules.

  • To provide training that will enable individuals to find and/or create employment opportunities in a variety of food-related environments including catering, warehousing, grocery stores and food distribution services.
  • To provide needed food resources to the community, with a special emphasis on children.
  • To provide community members with volunteer/work experience
  • To provide related training to community members such as ESL, computers, and other essential  skills.

IMPACT: (The) impact of the Internet on this program:

  1. Ability to do job searches as part of training program
  2. Ability to document the work of the program
  3. Ability to connect with potential funders, clients etc.

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Moresports Program (Potential future project)

VISION: MoreSports is a recreational sport development initiative which provides sport opportunities to children and youth based on a set of principles which reflect the uniqueness of inner-city Vancouver neighbourhoods.

A significant community issue in Vancouver East is the lack of sport, fitness, and regular recreation activities for the thousands of youth living in the inner city.

BARRIERS: There are multi(ple)-barriers challenging the community in these areas of resources, transportation, volunteers, sport league opportunities, facilities, fees and equipment.


  • Supervised, accessible sport activities for children of all ages.
  • Skills and opportunities that help youth make successful life choices.
  • Recreation activities and work/volunteer experiences for parents and youth.
  • Build the capacity of parents and youth in the community towards sustaining sports programs in East Vancouver.
  • Link youth throughout the area with each other and with resources in the community.
  • Develop and strengthen new relationships among organizations in East Vancouver and the Downtown Eastside.
  • Create MoreSports opportunities in areas where there are barriers to participation by bringing in needed partnerships with business, government, funding organizations, and educational institutions.

IMPACT: Impact of the internet on these goals and objectives:

  • Document the work and success of the project for funders
  • Provide information to potential program users (parents, schools, children)
  • Share information & resources between coaches (manuals, reference material, memos, schedules etc)
  • Share information & resources between parents (forms, game schedules, lists etc.)
  • Provide a community space for photos, stories etc.
  • Volunteer recognition
  • Volunteer recruitment

Although the current website is less than a year old, it has generated a lot of positive feedback. Parents and coaches appreciate being able to access information about the program, while organizers consider that the web site is a valuable tool to be used with funders, sponsors and partners.

Moresports recognizes the multiple barriers that inner-city families and their children face when it comes to participating in organized sports, and seeks to address these through learning opportunities for both children and volunteers. Computer skills are one component of this, providing not only a job-readiness skill, but an enhanced feeling of self-esteem.

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Resources & Support from VCN

This is a very brief outline of some of the resources and support that we could/would use from VCN:

  1. Webgui Community learning project
    - We are currently using this software to create interactive user-driven websites for the centre, its youth and its members.
  2. Coordination/cataloguing of resources in the community
    - One key issue we have encountered is a lack of coordination & information sharing between inner-city organizations interested in technology issues. Knowledge and resources need to be shared, so that organizations can more effectively recognize needs within the community and meet them. Specific areas we have encountered:
    o  Location of public internet for people in the community
    o  Training resources (hand-outs, train the trainer etc)
    o  Recycling and repair
    o  Grants and funding available to agencies in the community
    o Technical information re: setting up and maintaining labs
  3. Training
    o Training for trainers in webgui
    o Training for public in basic internet skills
  4. Internet access
    o Internet access for training sessions
    o General internet access for the community

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