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CLN's project at Skills Connection - Goals and impact

What follows is the response we recieved when we asked the particapants the quesions listed on our main community page. Their website can be found here.

1. What are the goals of your group?


Our mission statement:


We respond to the employment needs of the Downtown Eastside and Strathcona communities in Vancouver to:


          Improve employability - help make residents more job ready

          Increase employment - help residents find jobs

          Ensure appropriate employment supports - help clients create an environment and circumstances that facilitate looking for, finding and keeping appropriate jobs.


2. What is the impact in the community of your group?


We'd have to ask the community.  from what i hear people say is that they like that they have a quiet place to come to where they can be productive and feel respected. 


3. How would the internet (and internet tools) add to this impact?


One of the main reasons why people come here is because they use the internet. That's why we try hard to have our computers be as up-to-date and user friendly as possible.  Also, the internet is a great learning tool and a wonderful tool of communication, especially for people who can be somewhat isolated because of their personal circumstances and because of poverty.


4. What resources and support would you need from VCN?


Support to keep on having well-run computers; support for projects involving IT which keep our clients interested and inspired.