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Modern consumer cameras make it easy to create simple video (and audio) clips. Most new digital cameras will allow you to create video clips that are already encoded in widely-used codecs, such as mpeg or avi formats...

Tips for capturing video

  • most digital cameras which have video capabilities encode video in mpeg format
  • don't shoot video in "portrait" orientation, use "landscape"
  • shoot short clips (less than 5 minutes)
  • for video destined for the web, use lower resolution and lower quality. this makes the video clip smaller in size and faster to download

Tips for uploading video

  • Use lower quality video clips when posting to webgui
  • use lower resolution (320x240 or less)
  • rather than editing video on the computer, shoot short clips of video

Example Video Clips

the CAP Youth Regional Coordinators

Another exciting day at the office.

mov01786.mpg mov01786.mpg

Another video

mov01843.mpg mov01843.mpg