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Basic Training Session

 more detail for the wobjects used below can be found here
  • Have each user login and turn admin on
  • Get them to flip between pages and point out how the gold bar only appears on their page
  • Have them - if needed - change their username and password
  • Have them edit their page and change the title of the page (which appears in the title bar on the very top of the browser), the menu title (which appears to the left) and url.
  • After saving, click on the page to refresh the url and point out the changes that have been made.
  • Add another page (page1) and then another page sub to page1 (page2).
  • Cut page2 and then click on the root page and paste it as a subpage to the root page.  Point out that Page1 and Page2 are now on the same level.
  • Add an article.  Discuss the title and how to turn that off under the layout tab.
  • Add some text in the description area.  Discuss the Word type menu buttons and then have them change some text to a link using the link button.
  • Add an image (if available) using the upload button under the description area.
  • Save the article.
  • Edit the article again so that they can use the Template feature under the Layout tab to move the image around.  Choose center image, click save and indicate how the text now resides under the image.
  • Add a link list.
  • Add a link to VCN, save the Wobject.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and using the arrows move the Link List to the top of the screen.
  • Hold the cursor over the gold edit bar for the article.  Have each person note the WID which can be seen in the url below the browser window.
  • Have everyone add a new link with #WID ad their link url.
  • Add an events calendar.  Discuss the features and have them add an event.
  • Get the WID # of the events calendar and add that to the link list.